Find out how Dynamic Earth can complement your visit to the beautiful surroundings.

The science centre is situated right by Holyrood Park which contains many features, including those of popular scientific interest, including the famous dormant volcano. When visiting the iconic, rugged and beautiful Arthur’s Seat make the most of your experience by including Dynamic Earth in your plans. The science centre is the perfect place to come to before stretching your legs up the 250 metre hill, or for heading to when you come down from a walk.


Open 24-hours a day and is reasonably priced. We have electric charging points available.


Get some energy in your body before taking on the hill or as a well-earned reward when you come down, open most days.


Free to access toilets to help ensure you don’t get caught short on your walk.


Basic guidance on how to make the most of your walk up Arthur’s Seat and The Crags, including information on the geographic significance of these natural landmarks.


The leading geologist who made many of his discoveries from studying Arthur’s Seat and The Crags. We help you discover the man and his significance to science.


 In our science centre we bring the power, vibrancy and sheer force of what a volcanic event feels like to life (in a safe but exciting way).

Dynamic Earth is situated right beside Arthur’s Seat for a reason. As an earth science engagement charity we exist to promote understanding and empathy for all the wonders of the world, including volcanoes and geological rock forms. What better way to spend part of a day than learning about the Earth in our centre and then taking that knowledge on your walk up Edinburgh’s most iconic landmark. As well as scientific significance, a walk up Arthur’s Seat is the best way to experience excellent panoramic views of Edinburgh’s lovely historic buildings. The hill and the city have featured in many films and books, including the Trainspotting movies.