Dynamic Earth is Edinburgh’s world-class science centre and planetarium that tells the extraordinary story of planet Earth, from beginning to mend.

At the foot of a volcano in the historic city of Edinburgh lies Dynamic Earth, the UK’s leading earth science centre. Our immersive, interactive and impactful visitor experience takes you on a journey through the story of our extraordinary planet, from beginning to mend. Be there at the moment of the Big Bang, rocket through the universe billions of times faster than the speed of light, feel the effects of a real volcano, get closer to understanding the polar ice caps by touching our iceberg, stare in wonder at the Aurora Borealis, watch powerful glaciers carve out entire continents, dive to the dark depths of the ocean, and avoid rainstorms in our tropical rainforest. All of this, plus our incredible planetarium, and an ever-changing schedule of activities and events makes Dynamic Earth Edinburgh’s must-visit attraction.


A helpful list of frequently asked questions to ensure you make the most of your visit 

Dynamic Earth has a 24 hour car park and is accessible through a number of routes

Dynamic Earth is accessible through a number of sustainable routes, including walking, bus and cycle links, and has a 24-hour car park.