Published On: 15th December, 2023

Dynamic Earth’s Community Team have been working in partnership with Tinderbox Sparks Youth Orchestra to help change the tune on approaches to climate engagement.

Across seven weeks, the young musicians worked together to compose their own unique piece of music inspired by our planet’s beautiful polar regions and their uncertain future under the effects of climate change.  Through this creative process the group of 25 young people were able not only to explore the science of polar environments in a new way, but also to communicate the emotions and feelings brought about by the climate emergency through musical expression.

To wrap up the project, the final session saw the group filming their very own music video in the Dynamic Earth Polar Extremes gallery!

This is the fourth programme of work in a collaborative partnership between Tinderbox Sparks and Dynamic Earth; with the group previously devising new original content for the Dynamic Earth Planetarium including a composition titled ‘Sunscapes’ which featured throughout our summer seasonal ‘What’s Up?’ Planetarium show.

As the UK’s leading environmental science engagement charity, Dynamic Earth are committed to empowering everyone with understanding and empathy for our planet. Through our community engagement programme, our team provide bespoke, co-created and needs led opportunities through which underserved audiences can connect with Earth and environmental science in ways that work and matter to them. You can find out more about our community programming here.

Reflecting on the series, Dynamic Earth’s Community Engagement Officer Rob Reeve said “It’s so lovely to see the young people express how they feel about polar environments and the effects of climate change on them through creating music. You can really tell how proud everyone is of their contribution, and the finished piece is so moving as a result!”

Jed Milroy, Assistant Director at Tinderbox Collective, said “the partnership between Tinderbox Sparks and Dynamic Earth has been so creative and innovative! When we started the project we never imagined that we would end up with young people composing four completely new orchestral scores about different themes to do with climate change and it feels like we’re just getting started. The young people have formed an incredibly strong bond as a group and are very proud to be making their voices heard.”