Published On: 9th February, 2024

Dynamic Earth’s newest exhibition, All Eyes On Earth, has arrived – showcasing the value and relevance of space science for every day life and the sustainable future of our planet. Satellites and Earth Observation provide a unique view of the Earth, playing a crucial role in helping us to care for it. They allow us to see real change across global scales and collect vital information. Monitoring some of these changes lets scientists across the world investigate events that affect the Earth, and help us to prepare for disasters.

This exhibition highlights the work of nine Earth Observation scientists across the UK. From marine biologists to atmospheric physicists, the range of areas that Earth Observation can provide information for is huge. Make sure to see this free exhibit and find out all about these scientists during your next visit to Dynamic Earth!

One of the scientists featured in the exhibition is Beth Greenaway, Head of Earth Observation for the UK Space Agency. She is keen for everyone to get involved in space science!

 “The space sector should be appealing to a new generation to work in – a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone matters and all voices are heard.  We need scientists and engineers but we also need lawyers and linguists, diplomats and decision makers.”

 – Beth Greenaway

You can even get involved in some Earth Observation of your own by becoming walrus detectives. Walrus are under threat from the warming climate, so WWF and British Antarctic Survey are asking everyone to help spot some walrus in satellite images and contribute to conservation science. Get your observation goggles on and get ready to spot some walrus using satellites. 

Dynamic Earth is one of the project development partners for Our World From Space, a UK-wide science engagement programme led by the UK Association of Science and Discovery Centres. The programme explores the relevance of UK space science for the future health and sustainability of our home planet, funded by UK Space Agency in partnership with Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), part of UK Research and Innovation.