Published On: 22nd March, 2024

Children and young people from our community partners at Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB) have recently unveiled a new installation at Dynamic Earth; the centre’s first community co-created exhibition!

Through a programme of workshops taking place before and during Black History Month 2023, children and young people from MCFB learnt about inspirational Black scientists working in Earth and environmental sciences, exploring their research areas through a variety of activities and experiments. Across the 5 co-created sessions, the research areas covered were based on the young people’s choices and preferences, with topics ranging from volcanology and palaeontology to marine biology, rainforest biodiversity and even rocket engineering and space science.

The new exhibition, currently on display at Dynamic Earth, highlights the scientific discoveries and artistic creations made by the young people and some of the Black scientists whose fields of work were investigated.

Reflecting on the project, one of the MCFB group leaders commented:

“I was absolutely blown away seeing the display, seeing our service users amongst scientists leading in their field. It really connects the present and the future of science. I am hopeful to see one of our young people on a poster like this one day, due to their positive experiences with science through Dynamic Earth”.

Rob Reeve, Community Learning and Engagement Officer at Dynamic Earth and project lead, said: “It’s been wonderful working with the children and young people from MCFB across the sessions, diving into topics that interest them and hearing their thoughts on the science and scientists being investigated. We’re so proud to be able to represent these budding young scientists in this new community exhibition, and hope that their work in this project inspires others to engage in Earth and environmental sciences too.”

Conor Ellis, Head of Learning and Engagement at Dynamic Earth, commented: “At Dynamic Earth, we’re passionate about empowering everyone with understanding and empathy for the Earth and its future. Evolving our co-creation approaches to grow audience agency, representation and voice in our centre is a key priority for us and I’m delighted to see this new community exhibition launch which helps celebrate our amazing community partnerships and impact they have.”

This programme of work was made possible with support from the Growing Roots Public Engagement Fund from the Natural Environment Research Council.  Thank you to NERC for their support of our community public engagement work.