Published On: 3rd May, 2024

As we head into the summer months, combining a walk in Holyrood Park with a visit to Dynamic Earth is a fantastic way to spend a day and boost your mental health with some time surrounded by nature.

Here at Dynamic Earth, we are so lucky to be situated right next door to one of the most incredible urban green spaces in the world – Holyrood Park. For those readers familiar with our “Scotland’s Timelords” gallery that opens our immersive exhibition here in the science centre, you will already know that this is no coincidence. The rocks and landscapes of Holyrood Park have inspired many scientific thinkers, most famously James Hutton as he developed his ‘Theory of the Earth’. It was his ideas about the way different rock layers relate to each other, developed during the Scottish Enlightenment in the 18th Century, that underpin key concepts in contemporary Earth science, not least that our Earth is many millions of years old.

Many Scottish geologists have followed in Hutton’s footsteps and exploring this historical geological heritage is a fantastic to add meaning to any walk in the park. Several organisations including Dynamic Earth offer guided walks at various times throughout the year and there are self-guided trails available too. For further information, Historic Environment Scotland’s visit-a-place page about the Park is a good place to start.

There are plenty of routes to take through Holyrood Park, but if the summit of Arthur’s Seat is your goal then here’s how to get there from Dynamic Earth:

Set out from Dynamic Earth and cross Queen’s Drive, then follow the well-marked track passing the neighbouring features of Salisbury Crags, Hunters Bog and Whinny Hill on the way up. Take great care on this path, as it does become increasingly rough and slippery towards the top. However, the beautiful views and sense of achievement are well worth it!

During the warmer months and in school holidays, our team take visitors on our Fire & Ice Walks, were you can experience the beauty of Holyrood Park along with expert science. Keep an eye out for upcoming events here and be the first to hear about the exciting new activities through our e-newsletter. Sign up here to receive monthly emails to keep updated on Dynamic Earth’s mission to empower people with an understanding and empathy for the Earth.