Published On: 9th February, 2024

International Women and Girls in Science Day falls on February 11th 2024, and at Dynamic Earth we are proud to celebrate this annual day championing equality in the STEM community, and raising awareness of the importance of the participation of women and girls in science.

This year, the 9th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly will take place in New York City at the headquarters of the United Nations. At this assembly, women in all levels and fields of STEM will gather together to discuss achieving the pillars of Sustainable Development which are: economic prosperity, social justice and environmental growth. You can find out more about this event by heading to the official United Nations website.

Here at Dynamic Earth, we took this opportunity to chat with just a few of the women in STEM that form a vital part of our team. We asked them to tell us about what inspired them to pursue a career in the science and technology community:

Hermione: Scientific Director, PhD Geomorphology 

“I always loved geography at school and wanted to carry on learning about the Earth. After going to university, I stayed in environmental research working as a geomorphologist – it was great way to see the world and I got to go to some amazing places in Africa, Antarctica and Australia. What I do now at Dynamic Earth is partly about showing people all the different and exciting jobs in science. I hope that more and more women and girls will pursue a career in STEM and enjoy it as much as I have.”

Toni: Planetarium Officer, MPhys Physics and Astrophysics

“I have always been attracted to space.  As humans, our basic instinct on a clear night is to look up at the stars and everyone asks themselves the same questions – what is a star and what planet am I looking at? Unfortunately, as we grow up and life gets in the way, many people stop asking these questions.  I didn’t stop asking myself those questions. I love the study of the stars and planets and while I’m not brilliant at maths I needed it to work out what I was seeing in the night sky.  I love to explain space to other people.” 

Kiera: Visitor Services Guide, MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation

“I grew up watching David Attenborough, The Really Wild Show and Big Cat Diary, wishing I could explore the world and study the animals. I realised the biggest threat to nature was us, and if we didn’t try to save it we would lose it. I’m determined to help save the remaining wild spaces while there is still time.”

Alex: Learning and Engagement Officer, MEarthSci Geology

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve absolutely loved nature and the Earth! Even before I started school, I remember doing rain gauges and looking for rocks with my grandad in the garden, I was also obsessed with dinosaurs growing up! I never grew out of my fascination for the way our planet works and I went to university to study geology.  I loved that studying geology allowed me to use all different branches of science – one day I could be using maths and physics to calculate the volume of lava erupting from a volcano, the next I could be using biology to identify fossils, I could even be in the lab testing the chemical composition of different rocks, or up a mountain traversing a prehistoric ocean! I love that my job allows me to share my love and enthusiasm for Earth Sciences!”

Holly: Visitor Services Guide, MSc Palaeobiology

“I was one of those dinosaur obsessed kids and I’ve never lost that spark. That’s the main thing. If you are really interested in something, keep that spark alive. Even if you aren’t studying it straight away, look around to see what you can get involved in whether that be reading books, watching documentaries, or volunteering. If you’ve got the passion for something, that’s the biggest step to pursuing it professionally.”

Emma: Learning and Engagement Officer, BSc Astrophysics

“I’ve always been super curious since I was young, wanting to know why the world behaves the way it does. It’s really exciting to discover the answers to these questions, and I love sharing that feeling with others. Unfortunately, not everyone sees science as something that is for them, but if we just look around, ask questions, and search for answers, we are all scientists!”

Noelia: Visitor Services Guide, BSc Geology

“The eruption of a volcano in the Canary Islands in 2021 was what inspired me to know more about how our planet works. After getting enrolled in Geology, I realised that I wanted to commit my life to Earth Sciences.”

Meet our inspiring team as part of your visit with us here at Dynamic Earth, or you can learn more about Women and Girls in Science Day by visiting the official website.