Explosive Earth

Third Level to Senior Phase - In-person Workshop

Class Level: S1+

Duration: 50 minutes

Follow the clues to unravel the theory of plate tectonics, creating earthquakes and volcanoes along the way! During this workshop pupils will discover more about the inside of our planet, handle real volcanic rocks and find out how plate tectonics are still changing our planet’s surface today. Pupils will compete in teams to see who will win our volcano-themed quiz and survive the blast of a supervolcano.




  • Having investigated processes which form and shape landscapes, I can explain their impact on selected landscapes in Scotland, Europe and beyond. SOC 3-07a
  • I can explain how the interaction of physical systems shaped and continue to shape the Earth’s surface by assessing their impact on contrasting landscape types. SOC 4-07a
  • I can use a range of maps and geographical information systems to gather, interpret and present conclusions and can locate a range of features within Scotland, UK, Europe and the wider world. SOC 3-14a
  • I can evaluate conflicting sources of evidence to sustain a line of argument. SOC 4-15a