Saturday, June 29th, 2024 - Monday, August 26th, 2024

Pack billions of years’ history into one extraordinary day out – at Dynamic Earth!

Join us from 10am-4pm from Saturday 29th June- Monday 26th August, for a collection of free activities for under 12s. Discover Earth’s epic story as a family this summer and get hands on with science.

As Dynamic Earth celebrates it’s 25th birthday this year, these activities will help you to uncover the last 25 years of Scotland’s scientific discoveries: from making strides in space exploration, to uncovering the giant footprints of dinosaurs on the Isle of Skye. Discover more about each activity on offer below.

Our Place in the Universe
Make your own artwork based on real infrared imagery from the James Webb Space Telescope! Using neon chalk pens, you’ll create your own panel inspired by the cosmos. From neighbouring planets to the birth of new stars, there are galaxies worth of images you could draw!

Scotland’s Wild Future
Build your own working dam inspired by perhaps the most famous Scottish rewilding celebrity: the beaver! You can have a go at changing the course of your own mini river, just like beavers do, and learn about how these ‘ecosystem engineers’ change and create habitats for other species.

A Warming World
As the climate changes around the world, lives around the world are being changed too. Create your own poster and share what changes you want to see to help us protect our planet and everyone who lives on it!

Beneath the Waves
Build your own model of the RRS Sir David Attenborough, and see if you can make it float! There is a lot we still don’t know about our ocean, but research ships allow us to discover more about the hidden depths – including all the species that live down there.

Walking With Dinosaurs
Become a palaeontologist and unearth fossils of Jurassic dinosaurs in our giant Scottish dinosaur dig! The Isle of Skye is home to incredible evidence of life from millions of years ago – not just dinosaurs, but amphibians and mammals as well – and we need you to help us investigate it.

These activities are free drop-in sessions, no booking required.