Friday, January 5th, 2024
Times: 10.00 | 13.00 | 15.00 - Duration: 1.5 hours - Price: £5 per person

Join us for our DigiDays, Dynamic Earth’s family digital workshops, where you can explore coding and problem solving together as a family, all while investigating the world around us!
Ever wondered how scientists track animals’ migrations across the world, why animals are so well suited to their environments, or why it’s so important to stop the polar caps melting? This is the place to find out! In each DigiDay session, you will have the opportunity to code a game or simulation, investigate how scientists study these areas, and experiment with how digital technology can help us to gain a better understanding of the world around us.

Who is it for?
Digidays sessions are for 9 – 14 year olds and their families.

Icy Investigations

What will happen if the world keeps getting warmer? Why do we want to stop our ice caps melting?

Investigate these questions and more by creating a simulation of how changing climate is impacting the world’s glaciers and the creatures that live there. Explore the changes over the last few decades and create landscapes impacted by glacial movement.