Published On: 13th October, 2023

Diving Deep at Dynamic Earth this October! Free School Meet the Scientist Opportunity.

Dynamic Earth are excited to be partnering with Heriot-Watt University this October to provide learners across Scotland with a FREE online Meet the Scientist opportunity.
Join us on Monday 30th October at 2pm to take part in a live Meet the Scientist Session with marine specialist, Alicia Smith!

Alycia is studying the seafloor in the northeast Pacific Ocean at around 4300m depth. Instead of just looking at what lives there, she looks at what the living organisms in the habitat are doing: How much are they breathing? How fast are they using carbon and nutrients? How are these things changing across space and time? The area she studies is covered by special rocks known as polymetallic nodules, which we may begin harvesting soon. Her aim is to use her research to help reduce the potential environmental impacts of deep-sea mining.

As part of this session, led by the Dynamic Earth learning and engagement team, learners will have the opportunity to find out more about Scotland’s very own deep-sea environments and will have the chance to ask Alycia questions about her research and how she got into being a marine scientist as her chosen career.

This experience is idea for learners working at second level and above.

Book a free space for your learners here.

Dynamic Earth provides opportunities throughout the year for learners across Scotland to meet and connect with real scientists working in Earth and environmental science research and industry. You can find out more about our Online Meet the Scientist Opportunities here and our 2023 Careers Showcase here.